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Ports used by Plesk

The following is a list of ports and protocols used by Plesk services. Plesk Service Name Open Ports / Ports Used Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTPS TCP 8443 Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTP TCP 8880 Samba…

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Ping monitor .bat file to check network connection

This simple batch file was used to monitor a network after several complaints about an erratic internet connection. I didn’t want to spend too long on the initial investigation. Create a file called ping_test.bat and copy the script…

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Windows 10 cannot access NAS drive shares (network path not found)

Background: Workgroup network (not a domain), Netgear ReadyNAS and about a dozen Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktops. Existing equipment is okay. A brand new Windows 10 Laptop (1803) does not see ReadyNAS shares. Windows throws error code:…

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Simple scheduled log file clean up with PowerShell 1.0

Servers accumulate gigabytes of log files over time. Anyone who has managed Microsoft’s IIS Service will know it collects data until your hard disk is full. You can set a log rollover based on interval or file size but IIS…

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How to remove an offline file sync partnership

Windows Offline Files

Removing the offline files sync partnership via the GUI isn’t straightforward. If you can’t delete the sync partnership from the GUI you will need to do the following: 1. Go to Control Panel –> Sync Center –> Manage…

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Deleting directories/files with paths too long for Windows delete

Windows Source Path Too Long

In Windows API the maximum length for a path is defined by MAX_PATH  which is 260 characters. A local path is structured using drive letter, colon, backslash and folder names separated by backslashes, followed by a null terminator….

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How to convert a virtual hard disk file (VHDX to VHD)

Hard Disk

If you have the Hyper-V role installed you can convert a virtual hard disk file using PowerShell or the GUI. Why would you do this? You are moving to a new server which requires the old format You…

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How to install Samba server and configure a network share

Samba is a very useful tool. It provides file and print services between computers running Microsoft Windows and computers running Linux. It can integrate with a Windows domain too.  Samba is a re-implementation of the SMB / CIFS…

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How to create and delete checkpoints in Hyper-V

Checkpoints or snapshots (in previous versions of Hyper-V) are a useful tool for testing patches or other significant changes to a virtual machine. Hyper-V checkpoints allow administrators to easily save the existing state of a virtual machine before…

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Visual Studio Windows desktop application (Visual C++) LNK2019 error

How to replicate. Work through Microsoft’s walk-through to create a traditional Windows Desktop application (C++) Go to File –> New –> Project Select Visual C++ –> Windows Desktop –> Windows Desktop Wizard Give the project a suitable name,…

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