Using smartctl to monitor the Adaptec 2405 RAID controller disks

First use lspci to determine the type of RAID controller.

Adaptec 2405 RAID lspci
Adaptec 2405 RAID lspci


The RAID controller (Adaptec AAC-RAID) presents a virtual disk to the OS using an array of physical disks. With this particular controller you can use smartctl  to check the SAS or SCSI disks behind the Adaptec controller from the shell prompt. You can install smartctl  using the command sudo apt-get install smartmontools .

Then run smartctl --scan  to scan for devices.

/dev/sda is reported as a single SCSI device. This RAID disk is made of 2 physical disks located in /dev/sg{2,3}.

There is also a SCSI device driver which offers alternate generic access to SCSI devices. It uses names of the form /dev/sg<num> where <num> starts at zero. The lsscsi -g command may be useful in finding these and which generic name corresponds to a device type name (e.g. /dev/sg2 may correspond to /dev/sda). Prior to the Linux kernel 2.6 series these utilities could only use generic device names (e.g. /dev/sg1 ). In almost all cases in the Linux kernel 2.6 series, any device name can be used by these utilities.

To install lsscsi on Debian / Ubuntu Linux use apt-get install lsscsi . On RHEL / CentOS Linux use yum install lsscsi .

Query individual drives like this: smartctl -d sat --all /dev/sg3 or this smartctl -d scsi --all /dev/sg3 if you are using SAS.

Quickly check the overall health of a drive using smartctl -H /dev/sda or smartctl -a /dev/sg1 .

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