Changing Plesk’s backup location in Linux

By default all backup data is stored in the directory /var/lib/psa/dumps .

To change the default backup location connect to the Plesk server via SSH and modify the backup location in the Plesk configuration file /etc/psa/psa.conf by changing the value of DUMP_D.

First we need to mount the backup volume allocated to our new Ubuntu Plesk 17.8 on 18.04 droplet with Digital Ocean:

Next edit the psa.conf file:

Find the backups directory variable:

and update:

Save the file and verify that the directory has been changed:

If this isn’t a new droplet, move all previous backup data from the old location to the new:

Restart the sw-cp-server  service:

Note, sometimes is is necessary to change ownership of a new backup directory, for example:

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