How to make Symbiosis to generate a config per domain

Symbiosis hosts sites on a server in one of two ways, based on the IP address that site has configured. If it uses one of the server’s primary IP addresses, then it is assumed that the site is hosted using the “mass-hosting” configuration. If the site has a secondary IP assigned then Symbiosis generates an individual snippet for that site, and Apache is configured to use that snippet when dealing with HTTP requests for that domain.

To encourage Symbiosis to generate a config per domain create the following file:


This will force Symbiosis to treat each domain as if it were on a secondary IP address. This may result in degraded Apache performance so it’s worth considering using a secondary IP if you have a busy server.

As a reminder, you can assign IP addresses by creating the file /srv/ and adding the IP address to it, replacing the example with the different sites. Note, if you’ve disabled mass hosting, the primary IPs will be used automatically.

Symbiosis will update its configuration during its next hourly check or you force it by running sudo symbiosis-httpd-configure –verbose .

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