Kali Linux from USB installtion fails to find CD-ROM

ISO: Kali Linux Light 2018.3 i386 (32 bit)

When booting from USB the installer starts (live works) but then prompts for the CD with the error “can’t mount and detect CD-ROM drives”

If using Rufus to burn the ISO to USB drive make sure the option is “DD Image” in “Create a bootable disk using” not ISO.

There are other workarounds.

1) Run the installer

2) Open a shell ALT + F2

3) Create the directory cdrom directly in the root of the file system mkdir cdrom

4) Mount the USB as if it’s a CD mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom

5) Switch back to the installer ALT + F1

Run blkid to get a list of devices if sdb1 doesn’t correspond to the USB.


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