How to determine RAID controller type in Linux

Most servers are equipped with RAID. There are two main types of RAID: software or hardware.

Software RAID

If you’re not sure what configuration is used, check in the  /proc/mdstat file. The  /proc is area used by the kernel for keeping various system parameters.

Here’s an example output from the Debian 8 server running 2 discs in RAID 1

You can run  df -h to get more information about the discs.

Hardware RAID

If you know the server is configured with RAID but you find the  /proc/mdstat is empty

then you’re dealing with a hardware RAID controller. Install  lshw and lspci if the server supplier can not / will not provide details about the hardware.

Debian / Ubuntu


From the shell run  lspci

You might find it easier to pipe the results in to grep like this

Vendors have their own monitoring tools. Monitoring will be covered in a separate post.

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